Coupled Climate-Economic Modes in the Sahel's Interannual Variability


Sainte Fare Garnot, Vivien, Andreas Groth, and Michael Ghil. “Coupled Climate-Economic Modes in the Sahel's Interannual Variability.” Ecological Economics 153 (2018): 111–123.
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We study the influence of interannual climate variability on the economy of several countries in the Sahel region. In the agricultural sector, we are able to identify coupled climate-economic modes that are statistically significant on interannual time scales. In particular, precipitation is a key climatic factor for agriculture in this semi-arid region. Locality and diversity characterize the Sahel's climatic and economic system, with the coupled climate-economic patterns exhibiting substantial differences from country to country. Large-scale atmospheric patterns — like the El Niño–Southern Oscillation and its quasi-biennial and quasi-quadrennial oscillatory modes — have quite limited influence on the economies, while more location-specific rainfall patterns play an important role.

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