SSA-MTM Toolkit version 4.0

April 5, 2000
  • Toolkit 4.0 is provided with a new graphical user interface (GUI) which is no longer based on TCl/Tk. 4.0 GUI is based on Motif, which is the industry standard on Unix computer systems. New GUI makes a Tollkit more flexible and easy to use.
  • Dynamical memory management is implemented to remove the restrictions on the time series length, existing in the old versions of the Toolkit. The results and data are managed using matrices and vectors with the names supplied by the user in GUI.
  • Linear algebra routines are now based on a latest release of LAPACK package (Version 3.0, June 1999). A considerable speed-up in Toolkit performance has been achieved.
  • New plotting routines are available which allow cross-examination of the Toolkit results.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed including normalization for MTM Spectrum and choice of parameters for BT Correlogram.
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