About us

In the Theoretical Climate Dynamics (TCD) group we study climate dynamics on all time scales – from intraseasonal, through interannual and interdecadal, to millenial – using the methods of dynamical systems theory. We apply these methods to observations, numerical models, and experiments concerning the climate system – the atmosphere, ocean, bio- and cryosphere – through collaboration with researchers in North America and on other continents. Our group is led by Prof. Michael Ghil of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (Center for Earth Systems Research) at UCLA.

The TCD Logo is adapted by Françoise J. E. Halcomb from an illustration published in 1879 in Camille Flammarion's book "L'Astronomie Populaire". The two curved top panels, left and right of TCD, and the wheel in the upper-left corner of the main panel in the illustration above illustrate some of the TCD group's research topics, and the "cosmic traveler" represents the group's most curious member.