Group Photo Archive

2020 Group Photo. Left to right: (top row) Clara Si, Andrew Stewart, Xiaoyang Chi, (middle row) Luna Bai, Kaylie Cohanim, Carlyn Schmidgall, (bottom row) Jordyn Moscoso, Ken Zhao, Aviv Solodoch, (Absent) Ruibin Xia. 

2019 Group Photo. Left to right: Andrew Stewart, Jordyn Moscoso, Kaylie Cohanim, Luna Bai, Carlyn Schmidgall, Julia Hazel, Ken Zhao, Aviv Solodoch, (Absent) Kitty Wang.

2018 Group Photo. Left to right: (Back) Ken Zhao, Luna Bai, Julia Hazel, Aviv Solodoch, (Front) Andrew Stewart, Jordyn Moscoso, Tanya Arcienega, Kaylie Cohanim, (Absent) Yan Wang, Truc Pham.


2017 Group Photo. Left to right: (Standing) Julia Hazel, Yan Wang, Jordyn Moscoso, Andrew Stewart, Josslyn Cai, Luna Bai, (Kneeling) Ken Zhao, Aviv Solodoch.

2016 Group Photo. Left to right: Aviv Solodoch, Yan Wang, Andrew Stewart, Ken Zhao, Julia Hazel, Zhao Xu.