Group Members




Andrew Stewart (Curriculum Vitae)

Assistant Professor

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
7162 Math Sciences Building
(310) 825 1751

Yan Wang

Postdoctoral researcher

9258 Boelter Hall


Research interests: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Physical Oceanography, Turbulence, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Continuum Physics



Julia Hazel

Graduate student


Research interests: Near-Antarctic circulation, Antarctic bottom water formation, Regional modeling of the Weddell Sea


Jordyn Moscoso

Graduate student (co-advised by Daniele Bianchi and Jim McWilliams)


Research interests: Physical Oceanography, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Ocean Modeling



Aviv Solodoch

Graduate student (co-advised by Jim McWilliams)


Research interests: 
1. Eddy shedding and leakiness in boundary currents
2. Instability and adjustment of the deep western boundary current
3. Observational coastal oceanography


Ken Zhao

Graduate student (co-advised by Jim McWilliams)


Research interests:
I am interested in understanding oceanic geophysical flows theoretically and numerically. Specifically, I am working on a project understanding subcutaneous ocean circulation and its impact on the melting of Antarctic glaciers.

Tanya Arcienega

Undergraduate researcher

Yue (Luna) Bai

Undergraduate researcher


Kaylie Cohanim

Undergraduate researcher

Truc Pham

Undergraduate researcher


Research interest: physical oceanography, eddy activity in subtropical and tropic regions.




Former Group Members

Mathieu Morvan, Visiting graduate researcher, May 2016-Aug 2016
Josslyn Cai, Undergraduate research assistant, Jan 2017-Mar 2018
Zhao Xu, Undergraduate research assistant, Aug 2015-Jun 2016
Victor Ciaramitaro, Summer research intern, May 2016-Aug 2016
Jeff Xu, High school research intern, Jun 2017-Aug 2017