Welcome to the UCLA Ocean Dynamics Group website

2019 Group Photo. Left to right: Andrew Stewart, Jordyn Moscoso, Kaylie Cohanim, Luna Bai, Carlyn Schmidgall, Julia Hazel, Ken Zhao, Aviv Solodoch, (Absent) Kitty Wang. Previous group photos.

Our research broadly addresses the physics of the ocean circulation, with an emphasis on its dynamics at high latitudes, particularly around the Antarctic margins. We study the ocean's intrinsic behavior and its interaction with the atmosphere, sea ice and ice sheets, primarily via the application of state-of-the art simulation tools. You can read more about our work on the Research page, and find individual researchers via the Group Members page. We also maintain a list of our group's scientific Publications.

Prospective students and postdocs interested in joining the group are encouraged to Contact us directly.