Postdoctoral research position on regional air quality modeling, UCLA

March 8, 2023

The UCLA’s department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences ( seeks a postdoctoral scholar to support modeling activities of ASIA-AQ, a NASA field program to improve understanding of the factors controlling local air quality across Asia through multi-perspective observations and modeling. Anticipated d...

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URC-Sciences' Student Spotlight - Melinda Berman

March 15, 2021

Melinda has been featured on the Student Spotlight for the Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences after receiving  Outstanding Student Presentation Award at the 2020 AGU Fall Meeting. It has been published their website and social media, links below.


Congratulations on your accomplishment!

URC-Sciences website:


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Group updates

November 10, 2020

Two undergraduate researchers joined the group this Fall 2020. Mina Deshler is a senior undergraduate in AOS and Mansa Krishna is a 3rd year Applied Maths student. Both Mina and Mansa will be performing research related to wildfire smoke and it's impacts. Welcome! 

New group members!

October 15, 2019
  • Laura Thapa joined during the summer 2019, she will be pursuing her Ph.D. in AOS working on improving predictability of smoke on air quality models
  • Oscar Neyra joined during the summer 2019, he is  aDoctoral Student at UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability , and will be working on remote sensing and modeling of wild fires
  • Melinda Berman and Pargoal Arab joined as undergraduate researchers on Fall 2019 and will be working on FIREX-AQ related topics
  • Yizhi Zhu is a visiting graduate student from University of...
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Summer internship opportunity jointly with NASA JPL

March 5, 2019

Our group will be recruiting an UCLA undergraduate student through the JIFRESSE Summer Internship Program (JSIP). The project will be developed in collaboration with Kevin Bownman at NASA JPL. Submit an application through the link below if you are interested!  For more details go to "Available oportunities" in the link below and see Project #2.

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Francis joins the group!

December 3, 2018
Francis Turney, graduate student at AOS, joined the group. He will be assessing methodologies to forecast emissions of wildfire smoke in the framework of air quality predictions. Welcome to the group!

Xinxin and Calvin join the group!

May 22, 2018
Xinxin Ye and Calvin Howes are joining the group on June 2018. Xinxin is joining as a postdoctoral researcher and will be working on topics related to the NOAA/NASA FIREX-AQ field campaign, while Calvin will join as a graduate student and will study aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions on the southeast Atlantic. Welcome to UCLA!

New NASA project to study biomass burning in USA

January 2, 2018
The project titled "Coordination, Evaluation and Ensemble Prediction of Multiple Atmospheric Composition Forecasts in Support of the FIREChem Campaign" led by Professor Saide jointly with national and international orgnizations was selected for funding by NASA. This project will bring together multiple forecasting systems to provide guidance during flight planning of the upcoming FIREX-AQ campign, a joint NOAA/NASA field program for summer 2019. Also, it will help improve our understanding of model skill when predicting biomass burning events and improve it looking to the future.