Research Instruments

Zodiac Pro 850

  • 28 ft
  • Repurposed fishing boat customized for maritime research
  • Twin Yamaha 150 HP

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler: The ADCP gives a vertical profile of current velocities in the water column. It uses the Doppler shift by sending out sound pings and based off the returning signal, it creates an image of the ocean currents' velocities.

  • Workhorse mariner 300kHz
  • Workhorse Sentinel 300 kHz
  • Nortek

Fluorometer: A measure of biological productivity calculated using fluorescence. 

  • WetLabs WetStar

Towed Instrument Array Loggers: Data loggers measuring temperature, conductivity, salinity, depth, pressure, and dissolved oxygen.

  • RBR TDR-2050 temperature depth logger
  • RBR TR- 1050 Temperature logger
  • RBR Solo- temperaturer logger
  • RBR Duo- Temperature depth
  • RBR XR-CTD conductivity, temp, depth, dissolved oxygen
  • JFE- Conductivity temp