Past Cruises! 

SPLASH: Grand Isle, Louisiana

In the spring of 2017, the Marine Operations team spent three weeks doing field research in the Gulf of Mexico. Based out of Grand Isle, Louisiana, we worked with a team of over 40 scientists from 14 universities and research institutes around the world. Our time there was spent collecting as much useful data as we could. We deployed and tracked over 400 GPS equipped biodegradable drifters and collected data from a ship-mounted ADCP, a drifting ADCP, a towed instrument array outfitted with temperature, conductivity and pressure loggers, and a surface sampler with continuous temperature and salinity data. This campaign was the fourth and final field expedition within CARTHE, the Consortium for Advanced Research on the Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment.

eDNA: Channel Islands

In the summer of 2017 Marine Operations partnered with Zach Gold, a Marine Biology PhD candidate, and his research team to help them obtain DNA samples as part of his thesis. For about 10 days, we transformed our research zodiak into an eDNA lab, collecting and filtering water from various locations in and around the Marine Protected Areas of Santa Cruz and Anacapa Islands.