Current group members

Daniele Bianchi (CV)

Assistant Professor

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UCLA

Email: dbianchi [at]

Google Scholar 

Fayçal Kessouri

Postdoctoral Researcher (UCLA/SCCWRP)


Research Interests: Ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystem, ocean modeling

Web pages

Jérome Guiet

Postdoctoral Researcher

9258 Boelter Hall
Email: jguiet [at]

Research Interests: Fish and fisheries, ecosystem models


Allison Moreno

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email: allimoreno [at]

Research interests: Ocean biogeochemistry, stoichiometry, phytoplankton

Web pages

Pierre Damien

Postdoctoral Researcher

Email:  pdamien [at]

Research interests: Physical Oceanography, Ocean biogeochemistry

Jordyn Moscoso

Graduate student (co-advised by Daniele Bianchi and Jim McWilliams)

Email: jmoscoso [at]

Research interests: Physical Oceanography, Ocean Modeling

Daniel McCoy

Graduate student

Email:  demccoy [at]

Research interests: Physical Oceanography, Ocean biogeochemistry

Daniel Clements

Graduate student

Email: dclements [at]

Research interests: Ocean biogeochemistry, particle export, machine learning



Paige Hoel

Graduate student

Email: paigehoel [at]

Research interests:  California Ocean, coastal nutrient dynamics,  GIS

Web pages


Marco Sandoval

Graduate student

Email: marcsandovalb [at]

Research interests:  California Ocean, coastal nutrient dynamics,  GIS

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Undergraduate interns:
Kelsey Warren
Jake Marshall


Former group members:

Simon Yang (2017-2020)

Graduate students
Stanislas Bebin, master intern, Ecole Normale Superieure, (2018)
Pei-Chen Hsiung, mastern intern, National Taiwan U. (2018)

Undergraduate interns
Braden McCan (2020)
Morgan McMaster (2019-2020)
Laia Garrobé Fonollosa, U. Barcelona, 2019
Quinten Williams (2018-2019)
Mingyi Chen, 2016-2017
James Huntley, Fall 2016 - Winter 2017
Lin Liu,  Fall 2016
Victor Ciaramitaro,  Summer 2016

High School interns
Jeff Xu, Summer intern, Cerritos High School, Summer 2017