My research focuses on several subjects of Physical Oceanography:

1. The dynamics and routes of the Meridional Overturning Circulation, particularly in the Atlantic and in the Southern Ocean; I am studying the partitioning into boundary and internal pathways in both regions, export pathways from the Southern Ocean, as well as the interaction of deep and shallow circulation components in the Southern Ocean. 

2. Topographic influence on ocean circulation, including on eddy formation and maintainance, boundary current stability, and boundary current separation. There is definitely overlap with topic 1 above.

3.  Dynamics of Density Currents (aka Gravity Currents), and of their interaction with Internal Gravity Waves.  This topic lies within my broader interest in coastal observational oceanography.

4. In my MSc research I studied the influence of Air-Sea interaction (sepcifically, "wind induced surface heat exchange") on intraseasonal tropical atmospheric disturbances.