Prof. Alex Hall teaches popular graduate and undergraduate courses in climate science, including Fundamentals of Climate Science, an entry-level course for the new B.S. in Climate Science offered by UCLA's Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

Courses Currently Offered

AOS 217: Mesoclimates




"Mesoclimates" is a relatively informal graduate-level reading course designed to explore special topics within regional climate and regional climate change. In the most recent quarter, we explored the topic of "Changes in Extreme Hydrologic Events at the Regional Scale." Essentially, we read papers giving insight in future regional changes in heavy precipitation and drought. On both topics, we began with the global perspective, and then focused in on a particular region: California.

Looking for a Course Not Currently Offered?

Courses that Prof. Hall has taught in the past but is not currently teaching may be available from other Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences faculty. Check the UCLA Schedule of Classes for the full list of course offerings.